We will run this workshop again soon – keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Body Awareness Workshop
$20.00 early sign up
$25.00 at the door
Counterbalance Therapy, LLC
114 Pauls Drive
Brandon, FL  33511

Many conditions and situations surrounding seemingly mundane circumstances can affect how we experience our everyday lives.  The physical challenges associated with our daily work routines as well as the mental challenges associated with work or personal relationships can manifest in aches and pains.  This class will attempt to shine some light into the corners where discomfort may originate.  We will try to help you form good habits in kinesiology that will allow you to objectively observe yourself for improper mechanical function that can lead to some common aches and pains.  We will also attempt to explain how emotional situations can manifest into physical pain.  While emotion based pain is ultimately up to the individual to rectify, it can be beneficial to have awareness of the “root” cause of such pain.
Join us to explore your “body awareness” knowledge.  Ronda will share in a workshop setting, simple body mechanics which will help you adjust your own body on a daily basis.

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