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Counterbalance Therapy offers a relaxing environment that brings our clients into a state of relaxation and gives them the sense of escape.  We offer a variety of treatments that provide the most therapeutic benefits.  Additionally, we educate our clients on becoming more aware of their own body.  We have a strong interest in the power of a natural lifestyle and sophisticatedly combine various modalities achieving optimal results.

Therapeutic/Medical Massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Aromatherapy are the important modalities in our therapy repertoire.  The goal of Counterbalance Therapy is to suit each client with the best therapy form and direct the client through a process to improve health, vitality, longevity, and to become more relaxed and rejuvenated.



Lymphatic Cleanse Massage with G5 Lypossage Machine (FDA approved)


With the newest technologies out dealing with cellulite (dysfunction of body toxins and fat cells of the skin), much has been discovered in the way of keeping our Lymphatic System clean.  Why do we need this?  Our bodies deal with deadly bacteria, viruses and cancer cells every day and we never even know it because our Lymphatic System does all the processing work for us.  Having a great immune system starts with having a clean Lymphatic System.

What makes a sluggish Lymphatic System: dehydration, hormone imbalance, constipation, excessive consumption of alcohol and carbohydrates or potentially medications, lack of physical movement, tobacco and many more.

What can you do: Detox, move your body, hydrate, eat in moderation and milk your Lymphatic system regularly.


For more information on our latest G5 Lypossage Machine for optimal health or our latest G5 Lymphatic Massage, give Counterbalance Therapy a call at 813-325-1296.


Body Cleanse Massage $100

Series of 3 (recommended during a detox) $280

114 Pauls Dr.

Brandon, FL  33510


License Held: MM35851


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