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Deep Tissue


Deep Tissue Massage includes a combination of different massage styles and techniques such as myofascial release, stretches, deep tissue and techniques from several other massage styles. This massage has a therapeutic effect causing tight muscles and muscle groups to relieve. Each massage therapy session will be adapted to the client’s needs determined prior to the massage session.


Traditional Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage is based on energy flow cycling through the body. Blockages in the energy lines cause energy to stagnate creating muscle tension, fatigue and disease. With the application of rhythmic pressure on the energy lines in combination with extensive stretches of muscles and joints (sometimes compared to Yoga stretches), blockages can be cleared and the natural energy flow will be restored. The body will equilibrate to a natural balance and well-being.

The client is fully and comfortably dressed during the entire massage and is lying on a special Thai Massage mat. Sessions last from 60 minutes up to two hours. After a visit at Counterbalance Therapy, the client feels regenerated and energized. Please make sure to bring comfortable clothing to your Thai Massage.

Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage is a gentle form of massage with the purpose of relaxation. Very light pressure is used in the Swedish massage.

Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massage focuses on some of the unique physical needs of the mother-to-be and is much more than just a luxury. Prenatal massage is extremely beneficial and welcomed by pregnant women as their body goes through significant changes. Massage helps to relax, alleviates swelling and minimizes the impact of stress on their bodies. Prenatal massage relieves tensions and pains that come along with the growing belly and the resulting postural distortions. The real benefits of the massage are from regular sessions throughout the pregnancy.

Sacred Lomi Lomi Massage


(Hawaiian massage)

Lomi means to wave and the massage is a continuous, wavelike flow of forearm strokes applied over the client’s body. From head to toe, the long strokes vary in speed, pressure, and direction promoting profound relaxation and release of tensions. Gentle stretches and movement of various joints help to increase mobility in the joints and muscles. Sacred Lomi Lomi is very nurturing and the wavelike movements produce an overall sense of calmness, a general well-being, and an increase of the lymphatic and blood circulation.

Sports Massage


Sports Massage is a deeper, invigorating muscle massage therapy form. This massage is a combination of different stretches and quick-paced strokes. Sports massage is especially designed to improve range of motion, and muscle flexibility. Additionally, this therapy form especially boosts muscle performance and shortens recovery time between workouts.



Aromatherapy Massage combines essential oils with any massage therapy form harmonizing body and mind. The oils are specially formulated to enhance specific effects based on the client’s needs. A calming, stimulating, pain relieving, decongesting, uplifting, or toning effect may be achieved depending on the applied essential oil.

For Pricing information, please EMAIL HERE or call (813) 325-1296.


2 thoughts on “Massages

  1. Susan Donnelly says:

    Please send me pricing for all your treatments. i didn’t even know you were here in the community until a friend told me about the Yoga program. Planning on going to the Wild Woman get together. No sharing of my email with affiliates, please. Thank you.

    • Meg Freeman says:

      I apologize for the delay in my response. We were reworking the website over the past two months and quite a few comments “dropped through the cracks”. You can view our yoga schedule on our website and also on our Facebook page. Our classes are $12 for a drop in and packages are available which, when purchased ahead, will make the classes $10. Please visit our website for upcoming workshops. Our next two are approaching quickly. “Discovering your Dosha” this Saturday 11-3:00 and “An Evening of Peace” with Ellen MacKay on May 10th 7:15-8:45 which is a restorative yoga class. Each workshop is $20 early sign up and $25 at the door the day of. Thank you for your inquiry and we hope to see you soon!

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