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submitted February 4, 2017
Balance Workshop held on Feb 4th
Thank you all so much for such a beautiful and informative Ayruveda Class. It was so nice hearing from you and I will be happy to forward your email to Michelle and Edie. 
Edie and I went to an Ayruveda Class a couple weeks ago in Tampa. The class we took in Tampa, could never be compared to how in depth your class was today. You definitely get 5 out of 5 stars from all of us. We all learned so much. We appreciated your print outs too. Thank you.
Your gifts of organic oil for our specific dosha, and the tongue scaper, were such a nice added bonus for all of us. What a nice surprise! I used both of them as soon as I got home today. 
When Shaun and I were first married, we lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He went to school at the University of New Mexico.  I was pleased to see that is where Banyan Botanicals are manufactured . We are planning a trip to Albuquerque this Fall. We will be sure to visit their facility.
I’m sorry that we missed Angie too, but we certainly understand.  Yes, she was with us in spirit. We thank Angie for letting us know about your classes and all that you have to offer at Counter Balance.
We do hope to see you soon. Good luck in your new venture. We will definitely spread the good news. 
Tell Rhonda that Shaun really enjoyed talking to her and finding out about his specific dosha. That was very kind of her to take the time to explain doshas and Ayruveda to him. He knows how interested I am about this subject and he seems to be interested in finding out more about it too.
Thank you all again for such a beautiful, inspiring day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We appreciate all of you too.

submitted February 16, 2016 via Facebook
I went here April 2015 and received a massage from Elena. She murdered my back in the best possible way. The middle area that I was having the most ridiculous spasms from, has been pain free for almost a year!
Then February 2016 I messed my right shoulder up at work, so where else would I go but Swiss Spirit Massage(soon to be Counter Balance Therapy)?
I met the wonderful Heather and had my back, once again, murdered in the best possible way! I have no doubt that this area will be pain free as well.
After ONE massage these ladies got rid of tremendous pain. The prices are very reasonable, the whole staff is amazingly friendly, and it just feels so happy and positive in their office. I could feel my stress disappearing every time I walk in! Not to mention these wonderful ladies have me laughing and joking the whole hour I’m with them!
What else could you possibly ask for in a massage?
Rebecca Gardner