This new moon in Cancer we will focus on our oceanic nature. The inner lives of women are vast, deep, and rich with diverse expressions. This Moon Cycle we call attention to the ebb and flow of our emotional lives. When allowed, our  feelings can lead us ever and ever closer to a truth inside. 

A churning in the belly, a stirring in the heart, the outpouring of tears, the sweat of passion ~ these, our feeling waters, are a source of Soul nourishment & a form of inner guidance – expressed. Inspired by the Feminine, Watery, emotional and intuitive, Moon-ruled Astrological sign of Cancer, we will make space to listen, feel & sense the ocean inside and out. 

There will be a guided meditation, discussion of the theme, time to share and a yoga practice. Please wear something comfortable that you can flow in, and bring a pen, journal and open heart.


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