Date & Time: Sunday March 10th, 3:00-4:30pm Cost: $20 preregistered

Where: Counterbalance Therapy, 114 Pauls Dr. Brandon

By: Stephanie Jackson presents Yoga Nidra cocooned in a yoga hammock! ** NOTE: Only 11 yoga hammocks available, we will be diffusing doTerra essential oils **

Yoga Nidra are deeply relaxing Yoga meditative practices used worldwide to induce a deep state of restorative Relaxation. The process of Yoga Relaxation systematically works through all levels of our being. You lie (or sit) in a comfortable position and are taken through a guided meditation that leaves you feeling refreshed, balanced and whole.

– Deeply relaxing – Reduce anxiety

– Reduce tension – Lowers stress levels

– Promote self-healing and restores wellbeing

– Creates mental space

– Therapeutic and healing

In this workshop you will:

+ hear about the history of Yoga Nidra

+ learn how Yoga Nidra supports the nervous system

+ select an intention: heartfelt mission/desire, spaciousness, remove toxins & mental blockages

+ Practice (40-55 mins)

preregistration is at the link below:

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