Join us bright and early for Friday morning’s Suspension Training & Deep Stretch class at 7:00am sharp!

For preregistration, follow the link below:

Suspension training is a full-body workout that uses body weight exercises, emphasizing core stability while simultaneously improving flexibility and strength in all extremities. We use ceiling-suspended straps to provide apex angles for achieving optimal gravitational pull, allowing you to control with correct form, and apply as much or as little resistance desired for your workout. 

Suspension training will get your heart rate up while working your whole body for a possible calorie burn between 480 and 700 calories per hour, depending on your size and effort. If done consistently, Suspension Training can help to lower your total body fat percentage while toning and strengthening your body. Suspension Training is beneficial for people of all ability and skill levels, and is easier on joints than many other HIIT workouts.

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